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Hello there,

I am abroad until 30 June, and cannot seem to get FL on the internet here.  Therefore I am behind on the vetting process as I cannot check the references as I usually memo them through FL.  (yes, I really do check them!).  Please don’t worry, they will be processed in time for the July party and there is not a problem with your application (unless, of course, there is, in which case I would have contacted you.)  If your references are already members, they could email your reference to with their memberrship detais (scene name & from email address used to register) & I can process those.  Thank you for your patience.


Please note that while PlaySpace is not an “elitist” club, there is an expectation of high standards of behaviour and we want everyone to be comfortable. If you have never been to an event before and/or have no real life kink references, we may suggest you attend a local munch, or even another event open to the public. This is not meant as a slight in any way – simply a way for people to have already met other members before an event or for someone to get an idea of what goes on at these events, for example a submissive woozy from subspace. Particularly as some PlaySpace members may indulge in some harder or unusual play, it is important that they also feel comfortable with the new members. You may decide it is not your cup of tea. In which case, discovering that at another event without vetting saves a lot of time for everyone.

Please fill out the form below and send it to us. We will review the information you provide and let you know whether or not your application has been approved. Depending upon the availability of your references, this may be several days or could be longer.

Once you are approved, you will automatically receive an email with your login details, from  Please be sure this email is allowed through your Spam folder, as it often goes into Spam. Be sure to log in and look at the PlaySpace information for the venue details and PlaySpace Rules and Etiquette. Please check your spam folder for the email if it doesn’t appear.

It would speed the process if you ensure that your references have precise contact information on websites, ie, xxxxx123 at, etc.  Incorrect names lead to massive delays in checking references. If you would like to have your references contact us in advance, that can also save time.  Be aware that we do check every reference and require 2 met in real life.  Therefore, if you fill it out with rubbish or one reference given twice, it will just slow the process as we email you back to tell you it isn’t acceptable. We will not phone mobile phone numbers or email random email addresses where we cannot verify the referee.

We have just implemented a new entry system at the doorm ewhereby very member must have their entry “token” to enter.  On the application form, in the space provided, indicate whether you would like to use your fingerprint id, a plain white card (with your membership number written on it), or a smallish blue keyfob (with your number written on it.)  These are all initially provided free of charge.  You will be required to have this on every visit to attend.  If you “forget” your chosen entry method on a visit, there will be a £ 5.00 charge to make you a replacement then.

If there’s anything we’re not sure of, we’ll get in touch with you via the email address you provide to seek clarification. Please be aware that you must be an approved PlaySpace member before you can attend any of our events. We do not have a “guest” policy.

If you wish to attend a particular event, please ensure your vetting is done in a timely manner, allowing plenty of time for it to be completed before the event.  No processing or emails are done the day of an event, so allow at least a couple days to be safe.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of PlaySpace, the Southeast’s premier kink friendly club!

 Please be sure to log into the website and read the PlaySpace rules and venue information. You will also be automatically subscribed to the mailing list which sends one email a month. Of course, you may opt out of the mailing list, but we recommend remaining on it in case of last minute changes of which you shoud be aware.

Personal Details

The information in this section will only be used by the owners of PlaySpace for the purposes of vetting your membership application.

It is ** NEVER ** provided to anyone else in any form.

Remember to send a copy of photo ID with name visible (rest may be blanked out) to
Remember to send copy of bill with address (rest may be blanked out) to
You can provide details here for someone to be contacted In Case of Emergency.

Scene Details

Please enter the name by which you would like to be know by at PlaySpace. This will also be your user ID on the website.
Enter your Fetlife ID if you have one.
Please enter your IC ID here if you had a real life network on that website.
Please enter the name of your scene partner if you have one. Please note that if they also wish to join PlaySpace, they need to complete their own registration.
Please enter the name of a real person you know in a BDSM or Kink aspect and who can vouch for you as being a bona fide kinkster e.g. Miss Take / Fetlife or New Applicants cannot vouche for each other in applications
New Applicants cannot vouche for each other in applications
Please list the kink clubs you are a member of at the moment.
Please list the clubs you actively attend at the moment.
This information will appear on your member profile which is only visible to other members.
This information will appear on your member profile which is only visible to other members.
This information will appear on your member profile which is only visible to other members.
Please tell us about your favourite events. Do you like to dance, just play, socialise.....? What makes you want to keep going back to a particular club?
- This is important, particularly as we have a buffet!!! Please tell us of allergies or other conditions we should be aware of while you are at PlaySpace. - If you have a SEVERE allergy, also please be sure to inform us of your attendance at or or memo on FL to ensure that item is not on the buffet. - Note that we never, ever refuse membership on the grounds of a disability but we do need to know about such things so that we are prepared and can look after you on the night if we need to. - If you have no such conditions, please just enter "N/A".
If there's anything else you'd like us to know, now's your chance!
This information will appear on your member profile which is only visible to other members.
If you do not want the information to appear publicly (for example, you are Prince Charles, but will always come as a Gimp - thus there is a slight chance of media/bodyguards etc), please send it in an email so we can be aware of potential contingency plans being necessary..
One method must be chosen and must be used for entry to any PlaySpace party. If you do not have it on the night, there will be a £ 5.00 fee to make a replacement then & there. You may choose a card or fob in addition to a fingerprint. No info is kept on the entry system except card/fob number, scene name & membership number (and visual of fingerprint, if chosen).
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Have you submitted your ID? Please remember that processing will not even begin until it has been received.

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